You are most Welcome.

The Traditional Anglican Church is the Church for you if you want the security of unchanging spiritual certainties based on Divine Revelation revealed through the Salvic Grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The Church is founded on Biblical Revelation and the Holy Sacraments of repentance and Live-giving Holy Communion as delivered two thousand years ago. We hold fast to those Anglican traditions revealed by God during the Reformation and we are not swayed by 21 s’t Century moves to compromise the Eternal Truths in order fit in with contemporary social agendas.

The TAC is traditional and knows its Faith and we open our hands to all the morally confused, the spiritually lost, the despairing and aggressive. Might be a good idea to read the Parable of the Lost Son (Luke 15: 11,-32) at this stage.

If you look at our web-site you will see which priests are closest to you or contact Bishop Ian Gray at St Katherine’s Priory, Lincoln if you would like to explore things further.

Our project is evangelism regardless of personal circumstances and our  responsibility is to preach the Truth without fear or favour.  All of us need to be filled with the Grace of the Holy Spirit to protect us from the corrosive power of sin. In other words we must acknowledge that we get things wrong but we also know that God will wipe the slate clean if we genuinely say sorry.

Is all this easy?  In some ways no and in other ways yes. Read this web page and go out into the world and scatter God’s Love and happiness to all you meet today, tomorrow and for ever. You never know when, or where God, will use you as a conduit of His Love to a suffering world. It might be a lonely person in a supermarket, a totally depressed single parent weighed down by debt and despair. A seller of the Big Issue that people look at but do not see or a drug addict desperately searching for the next fix. [t may only take a kind word or look to help transform a life or indeed a phone call to the appropriate authorities.

Put your trust in God and relax into the sacraments of His Church-God Bless all of us-your brother in Christ,

Father David.

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