The Reverend Father Peter Charles Price – 16th February 1927 – 20th February 2015.

Fr  Peter 2

 It is  with the most profound regret and sadness that I write to inform you all of the passing of our dear brother in Christ Peter, who passed away quietly and peacefully at his home with his beloved wife and son in attendance. He had borne this his last illness with great courage and dignity and remained right up to the very end comforted by the real presence of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour with him throughout. Peter was a dedicated family man who with his beloved wife Deanna shared an incredible ministry and witness. Starting off on their journey together in Canada, they spent time in St Helena, England and Wales serving the Lord and his people  faithfully and with great love. The issues that have so divided and destroyed the Apostolic and Catholicity of Church of England  in 1994, forced Peter to leave that failing organisation and join the TTAC. From that point Peter to the end of his life served faithfully as a completely committed TACB Priest in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire. He kept his flock together despite opposition and persecution and it is to his great credit that the Burghill congregation remains as a part of his incredible legacy to the Church. He was always so kind and courteous to everyone and  attended every TACB Synod as far back as I can remember where he always made a very valuable contribution. He was laid to rest after a very dignified and moving service at All Saints Church, Yatton where I and two members from the Cathedral were in attendance. I visited Peter during his illness and spent some time with him where we prayed together, it was a special and very moving experience for me. During our time of prayer, Peter recited several psalms and ended by saying, “that all was well”. He was clearly tired and ready to go to his Father in Heaven sure in the knowledge that his job here on earth was complete and the time to return to His Saviour was close at hand. Peter is survived by his wife, two children and two grandchildren who continue the legacy left by this truly remarkable and faithful man.

May Almighty God hold him in his Blessed Arms and may dear Peter now rest at peace.


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