Rt. Rev’d Ian Gray’s Easter Letter 2015

Reasby Manor

Maundy Thursday.                                                                             April 2015


My Dear friends,

The world in which we live in today is very troubled indeed, it seems on the face of it that there are so many conflicts and disturbances on every continent.  The ongoing war against extremisms in the Middle East and in parts of Africa and Europe continue to warn us that often localised issues can spread their evil and terror just about anywhere. We need to remember and heed the lesson from history that was the Third Reich, Hitler and all the horrible consequences of that period in time.

Today, it has been reported in Kenya that the militant Somalia Islamic group has committed terrible atrocities at a remote Kenyan university campus killing many, often Christians and kidnaping dozens more. Christians and minority groups have been murdered and persecuted by ISIS on an almost industrial basis and so it continues.

It is to my mind an absolute tragedy, that the West in general and Europe in particular has done everything in its power to marginalise Christianity. Today for most people the true meaning of Easter has been lost indeed we can say the same about Christmas. Commercialisation in actual fact has probably saved both of these Sacred Days by accident rather than design. The Church of Christ Jesus is one of Love and Reconciliation a real antidote to the evil we are currently witnessing.

The wonton destruction of the Church of England by the reckless, liberal, feminist agenda that has been pursued for the last thirty years has seen our former mother church abandon her claim as both Catholic and Apostolic, it is nothing more than a protestant sect that is pursuing a worldly agenda rather than the one of the Kingdom of God.

The Roman Catholic Church and its Ordinariate too face huge problems, not least from within where a liberal regime in England is beginning to see discord and confusion. I have not changed my opinion regarding the Ordinariate, it will be a one generation wonder. Already in Australia there is tangible evidence that all is not well and it’s very hard to see how it can possibly grow much further here in the UK.

If you want to remain Anglican and be a part of Anglicanism that you have always known and loved, then we are the true Continuing Anglican Church in Britain and as such an integral part of the largest Continuing Anglican Communion in the world today. Classical Anglicanism is very much alive and well within the Traditional Anglican Church in Britain and we welcome all who are disappointed, disillusioned and depressed to join us as we continue to live and proclaim the Saving Gospel Message of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I have sadly to inform you that two of our beloved priests Father Charles Peter Price and Father John Brown have sadly passed over these last two months, our thoughts, prayers and love are with their respective families. Also I would very much appreciate your continued prayers for Canon David Price who is bravely battling with cancer.

There is so much positive news to report, our talks continue with both the Free Church of England and the Nordic Catholic Church as together we explore ways as to how we might work more closely together as we work to reclaim Britain and Europe for Christ. We have two men currently undergoing formation and training for ordination to the Holy office of Priest. A further three men will be having preliminary interviews over the next three months.

There is incredible work going on in all parts of the Church, in the South West under Father Robert Aird, in East Anglia under our registrar Father Michael Gray and Father Michael Silver, in the West under Canon Michael Massey and of course the sterling work of the Northern Deanery under Canon Fry. The faithful in Newcastle deserve praise indeed as do those in the Isle of Wight under Mr Andrew Pellow and not forgetting the faithful that were Father Peters flock in Hereford, I am looking forward to be being with them at Ascension-tide and with our folk in the Isle of Wight in July. We have also had interest from several groups who wish to join us at this time, one such group is based in the Grimsby area and I am visiting them in April to see what we can do to assist them as they discern the best way forward.

The Cathedral continues to develop in every sense of the word, attendances are growing and more services are taking place that ever before. Christopher Houghton is doing a sterling job in the Diocesan office and Michael Wilson diligently continues as our web master keeping everyone informed as developments take place both here in Britain and in the rest of our Communion.

The TAC throughout the world is witnessing good and very encouraging growth, we have three men who have been elected locally  and approved by the College of Bishops to be Consecrated to serve as Bishops in their respective Churches. I spoke earlier this week to Bishop Michael Pope in Australia who has reported some very encouraging news, growth and consolidation there.

More and more disaffected Anglicans are looking in our direction as they realise that they have been marginalised, betrayed and abandoned by the Church of England, we welcome them home with open and loving arms.

I send to each and every one of you my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your continued Faithfulness despite all that you have had to endure as you persevere in the true faith of our fathers.

I wish you all a Holy and Happy Easter

May God Bless you all.

In His Love



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