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Who and what are we? Briefly, we are a constituent part of the Traditional Anglican Communion, a worldwide Communion of orthodox churches in the Classical Anglican Tradition.

Our principles of doctrine can, in summary, be described as a strong attachment to the authority of Scripture and of the early Church with its Fathers and Councils, to the tradition of an ordered liturgical worship, Book of Common Prayer and Authorised Version of the Bible, and to the ancient threefold ministry of bishops, priests and deacons.

In endeavouring to promote Christian Unity, we regard as the minimum basis for such unity the sharing of common Scriptures, Creeds, Sacraments and Ministry.

The term ‘Traditional,’ as used in this context, refers to that living witness of the Spirit within the Church, by which her continuity is assured from age to age: “Earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints” (Jude, v3).

We hope that this brief description will encourage you to explore our website more fully and will lead you, through the grace of God, to contact us. Thank you for your interest.

You may find useful this reflection explaining what we are about.

Beggining on 4th November 2016

"Dr. Marc Naylor will be giving free Organ recitals every Friday Lunch time.
Full details in the NEWS column.

At the recent TAC College of Bishops synod,held at St Katherine's Cathedral in Lincoln

The Most Reverend Archbishop Shane B. Janzen of the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada was elected the new Primate.
There will be a special addition of the CLARION out in November covering this and the TACB annual synod.


In view of the completion of the process by which women have been given access to all parts of the Sacred Ministry of the Church of England, the TACB hereby reaffirms not only its own view that there is no convincing evidence that this is truly God’s will for His Church, but also in line with the practice of its Sister Churches in the Traditional Anglican Communion, every effort will be made to maintain communion with those committed to the Faith once delivered but who choose to remain within the Established Church.

While all members of Forward in Faith and the Society of Saint Wilfrid and Saint Hilda can rely upon our solidarity and moral support, we shall pray particularly for their bishops, including, Glyn Beverley, Jonathan Ebbsfleet, Jonathan Fulham, Norman Richborough and Tony Pontefract, as they lead their flocks into a strange country. May Almighty God grant them pasture enough, and the means to fend off any danger that might threaten those who follow them. They have been solemnly promised a place in which they might flourish; may the Church of England honour its pledge with grace and goodwill.

Our altars remain open to this Catholic family, of which we are an extra-mural part, and no member of the TACB should have any qualms about attending their services and accepting their ministry where no local congregation of our own exists, or as a sign of unanimity.

Wednesday 19th November 2014, Feast of Saint Hilda of Whitby.

+ Ian Gray

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Bishop. The Rt Rev’d Ian Gray.
Readers, Mr Geoffrey Fairweather.
Dr. Brian Roberts.


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